Q and A's

What time will the flowers or cake be delivered?

Normally deliver during business hours - 9am until 5pm. Monday to Friday except Wednesday. Saturday 9am -12am If there is a specific delivery requirement (i.e. delivery to a school before 3pm) please explain this when you ring and we will do our up most to try to accommodate your request. Funeral deliveries will be accepted outside these specified timesHowever, during busy, these delivery times may differ slightly, and we reserve the right to deliver up until 8pm in exceptional occasions.

What if the recipient is not available to accept the delivery?

As the flowers that you send may be a surprise, it is inevitable that in some cases the recipient may not be available to accept their flowers at the address you have provided.If this is the case, our flower delivery driver will endeavour to try one of the following alternatives: · Firstly we may leave your flower delivery either with a neighbour or in a safe place at the address, if this is possible. Leaving a note for the recipient advising them of the delivery· If it has not been possible to deliver the flowers, we will leave a calling card to advise the recipient of the action taken, the whereabouts of the flowers and the shop's contact name and telephone number. When contacted by the recipient, we will arrange re-delivery for the same day if possible, next day or an agreed day (of the recipient's choosing).

Is it possible to specify a delivery time for flowers or cakes?

With the obvious exception of funeral ceremonies, we are unable to guarantee delivery time preferences. However we will try to deliver within your specified time preference wherever possible.

Is it possible to find out if my order has been delivered?

Yes, although as we deliver until 5pm and in exceptional circumstances until 8pm, it is best to wait until after 3pm on the date of delivery before enquiring. We should be making their final rounds by this time. If the delivery has not been made by this time, we should be able to confirm the status of delivery. If this is the case, your flowers or cake will typically be awaiting delivery or re-delivery (having already tried to deliver your flowers or gift).

Will I receive confirmation that my order has been delivered?

No, unless when placing the order you make a request for e-mail confirmation that delivery has been made. However, if you contact us on 01785 817081 we will be more than happy to help and check the status of your order.

Is it possible to amend details of my order?

The best method to ensure that your amendments are carried out immediately is to contact to us on 01785 817081 we will be more than happy to help and check the status of your order and amend if possible.

If the flowers are to be delivered to a funeral director or chapel of rest, please provide as much detail as possible. Due to time restraints on funeral orders we reserve the right to refuse certain changes to orders.

It is important to ensure that you provide a contact telephone number for the intended delivery address, and for yourself should there be any difficulties with your order.

Can you guarantee the flower delivery time of funeral flowers?

For 'Funeral Flowers', we will adhere to your specified funeral time and instructions. Please note that any errors in delivery details may delay the delivery of your order, so please ensure that all details are accurate.